Friday, July 25, 2014

Entertainment: All You Need Is Luck... And Inconspicuous Idea Theft

"I just write a lot more than I should, I think," confesses Veronica Roth in her interview with HuffPost Live. She attributes her success to an intriguing character, luck, and spending time writing instead of socializing. But that's not all it takes.

You have to be able to steal ideas from other franchises, and make them feel natural enough within your own universe so that people tend to forget that someone else may have had the idea first.

A big wall surrounding a city with unknown "monsters" outside, and a controversial faction within dedicated to protecting the citizens? Attack on Titan. Dream sharing and drug-induced shared hallucinations? Inception. I could continue, but let's be honest: most writers and artists steal, lend, and borrow ideas. I'm not blaming her for doing it or getting away with it. I'm just more than a little jealous with her degree of luck.

Weather: Where Nature Doesn't Provide, People Take More

According to the Huffington Post yesterday, "the most water-consuming states are those suffering from drought." This is not an enlightening statement--it should be blatantly obvious. I don't think I should need to say more, but I will anyway.

One could also claim that the states that do the most grocery shopping are those that receive the least manna from heaven; or that the countries that spend the most private money on internet service are those that don't have government-provided internet service. If you need something and it isn't provided to you, you're more likely to spend money and/or time trying to acquire it. Why does this need a news article?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sexuality: Job Discrimination Order Isn't Discriminatory

We've covered this previously. In fact, it was only yesterday. And it just happened that President Obama signed an executive order banning sexual orientation discrimination for federal contractors.

While the order may be intended to protect members of the LGBTQ community, it actually doesn't. It protects everybody. The wording of the order includes heterosexuals in the protection. So don't think I'm unhappy about this order; this is exactly the kind of legislation we (read: everybody) need.

It's completely possible to write laws in such a way that they protect everybody, including heterosexuals, while still managing to accord more rights to non-heterosexuals, and it's not going to happen while the LGBTQ community is rallying for LGBTQ-exclusive laws. This is how it's done.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sexuality: You Can't Have It Both Ways

Within the article that served as the subject of my last post was the link to another article by HuffPost from last year. In the article, President Obama states that there will be no "special laws" for individuals ostracized from their families for "coming out" in terms of their sexuality.

There better not be!

You want equality, then you get equality! If there are no laws providing special benefits to any other demographic, including heterosexuals, then there better not be any for non-heterosexuals. If there are special laws, then they're not equal, they're special.

And as I said last time: if you haven't figured out what your family's response is going to be after all your years of living with and being raised by them, then you wholly deserve whatever misfortune befalls you simply for your lack of paying attention!

Sexuality: The Casualties of Coming Out

I've got no qualms and plenty of perspective when it comes to "coming out" to friends and family, and sure, maybe I'm one of the lucky ones in terms of received responses. But nonetheless, if you do, and the response is less than ideal, you have to suffer the consequences and handle what comes of it.

I'm not saying any youth should or shouldn't be honest with themselves and those around them in regards to their sexuality. I'm saying: you've lived with your parents for most if not all of your life at this point, and if you haven't figured out what their stance on homosexuality (or alternate, non-heterosexuality) is, then you haven't been doing your homework or paying close enough attention.

If you have a blog, and it's posted on your blog, especially if you're still living at home or financially dependent on your family and parents, you should be willing to expect the worst and capable of dealing with it. Even if you've never mentioned directly to them that you have a blog, or spoken of what kind of content you post on it, they'll still probably figure it out. Any parent worth their salt keeps up with their children's internet activity, whether the kids are aware of it or not.

I mean no respect to Kate Koenig, but that's the long and the short of it. You made the choice to post the information on the web, you have to deal with the consequences. I wish you the best of luck, but you'll get no pity from me.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Food: Chicken, To Wash or Not To Wash

A furor of news articles struck the airwaves a few weeks back in regards to whether or not you should wash your chicken before you cook it, because, well, you wash your fruits and veggies, don't you?

Everyone from Fox News ("news" is their word, not mine) to Gizmodo clamored for attention for no reason other than: you might splash the bacteria on something else.

That's it. That's the whole reason. It has nothing to do with making the chicken itself less healthy to eat, but rather anything else you might eat (or eat off of) that you don't do a follow-up thorough cleaning of may have the chicken's bacteria.

This isn't so much an announcement that you shouldn't wash your chicken, but that you should wash everything before you eat (or eat off of) it. That (to me) seems like a far more logical step than saying "Don't wash chicken."

But then, I'm just a critic, not a doctor or scientist, so if you get yourself sick following my advice, don't point fingers at me. For myself, I never have washed my chicken, but I do a fresh rinse of my own dishes before putting new food on them.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tech: Apple and Indestructable In The Same Sentence

According to The Huffington Post, Apple has applied for a patent for a process of making a nigh-indestructible glass case around a device such as a cell phone, and this may very well indicate that there next iPhone (logically dubbed the 6) will be made out of it.

I rather doubt it. For one, "nigh indestructible" (my phrase, not theirs) screen materials have been around for ages. While admittedly making the entire bloody case out of it may be something new, the concept already exists, the product for the screens already exists, and yet they still don't use them to make screens for cell phones.

Am I the only one here who has read Cory Doctorow's "Makers"?

They don't make them because if no one breaks the screen, first, people will have less need to buy a new one once their first one stops being transparent and starts being opaque (and opaque screens ruin the point). Without broaching the subject of Apple products costing more than their competitors simply for the name alone (oops), and without including the consumer-driven mindset of people who always have to have the latest thing, even if their current version still works just fine, without either of those two, the digital media player (including smartphones) market is maintained by people who broke the old one (though arguably driven by the other two groups I previously excluded).

Also, the phone-case and screen-protector industries are, I imagine, very lucrative, and would be rather put out if someone put a device on the market that simply didn't need either.

No News, Just The Opening Pitch

I registered this name after reading a news snippet about not washing your chicken before you cook it and while thinking about expanding the things I write about. (If you don't recognize me, I'm from a rather small one-man blog called DreamClasser.)

The reasoning that the health orgs that generated the news snippet gave for their announcement was borderline ridiculous, and I was sorely tempted to write something about it, but that wasn't the sort of commentary normally found on DreamClassier, so I just bit my tongue. After some thinking, I realized that over the years there have been quite a few news stories that make the headlines that are totally not worth the electricity to power the servers they're hosted on (sorry, "worth the paper they're printed on" is a bit rustic for this digital age), and perhaps I could generate some interest by sniping back.

When this name, DreamCrassier, popped into my head, I thought, well, why not do the whole lot of them? FSTML can become DreamComposter (no, I didn't reserve it yet) and TIMM can become DreamCreativer, and I've got a whole DreamC Network going (I grabbed that name too, though no idea what I'm going to do with it yet; but DC Network was taken to no great surprise). Also, who can forget about DC Reviews?

I did in fact grab DreamCreativer, but have decided to keep TIMM for my writing and make Creativer my visual arts place--photography, architecture, 3D design, sewing, and the like. It looks good, since I don't have big blocks of text blotting up the page (since most of my art is indeed written).

Now that I'm thinking it, I probably will attack the chicken snippet and backdate it so it looks like I was actually on the ball (and include a footnote for the few who actually read footnotes admitting that, while I came up with the critique as I read the article, I didn't actually write it until a couple of weeks had passed).

Now, since this page is going to be fueled by idiotic news, there's probably not going to be any regular schedule, so I highly recommend you subscribe to the RSS feed or the Twitter page, so you get updated when they do get released instead of stopping by periodically, find nothing you haven't already read, get frustrated that the news has been educated and reasonable as of late, and not come back. At least until some people get it into their heads that they should send me articles they think are applicable.

I should probably set up an email address for that, just in case, and get working on the Twitter account and such (since as of writing this, it isn't set up or even registered yet). I'll stop twattering on and get back to work.