Friday, July 25, 2014

Entertainment: All You Need Is Luck... And Inconspicuous Idea Theft

"I just write a lot more than I should, I think," confesses Veronica Roth in her interview with HuffPost Live. She attributes her success to an intriguing character, luck, and spending time writing instead of socializing. But that's not all it takes.

You have to be able to steal ideas from other franchises, and make them feel natural enough within your own universe so that people tend to forget that someone else may have had the idea first.

A big wall surrounding a city with unknown "monsters" outside, and a controversial faction within dedicated to protecting the citizens? Attack on Titan. Dream sharing and drug-induced shared hallucinations? Inception. I could continue, but let's be honest: most writers and artists steal, lend, and borrow ideas. I'm not blaming her for doing it or getting away with it. I'm just more than a little jealous with her degree of luck.

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