Monday, July 14, 2014

Food: Chicken, To Wash or Not To Wash

A furor of news articles struck the airwaves a few weeks back in regards to whether or not you should wash your chicken before you cook it, because, well, you wash your fruits and veggies, don't you?

Everyone from Fox News ("news" is their word, not mine) to Gizmodo clamored for attention for no reason other than: you might splash the bacteria on something else.

That's it. That's the whole reason. It has nothing to do with making the chicken itself less healthy to eat, but rather anything else you might eat (or eat off of) that you don't do a follow-up thorough cleaning of may have the chicken's bacteria.

This isn't so much an announcement that you shouldn't wash your chicken, but that you should wash everything before you eat (or eat off of) it. That (to me) seems like a far more logical step than saying "Don't wash chicken."

But then, I'm just a critic, not a doctor or scientist, so if you get yourself sick following my advice, don't point fingers at me. For myself, I never have washed my chicken, but I do a fresh rinse of my own dishes before putting new food on them.

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