Saturday, July 12, 2014

No News, Just The Opening Pitch

I registered this name after reading a news snippet about not washing your chicken before you cook it and while thinking about expanding the things I write about. (If you don't recognize me, I'm from a rather small one-man blog called DreamClasser.)

The reasoning that the health orgs that generated the news snippet gave for their announcement was borderline ridiculous, and I was sorely tempted to write something about it, but that wasn't the sort of commentary normally found on DreamClassier, so I just bit my tongue. After some thinking, I realized that over the years there have been quite a few news stories that make the headlines that are totally not worth the electricity to power the servers they're hosted on (sorry, "worth the paper they're printed on" is a bit rustic for this digital age), and perhaps I could generate some interest by sniping back.

When this name, DreamCrassier, popped into my head, I thought, well, why not do the whole lot of them? FSTML can become DreamComposter (no, I didn't reserve it yet) and TIMM can become DreamCreativer, and I've got a whole DreamC Network going (I grabbed that name too, though no idea what I'm going to do with it yet; but DC Network was taken to no great surprise). Also, who can forget about DC Reviews?

I did in fact grab DreamCreativer, but have decided to keep TIMM for my writing and make Creativer my visual arts place--photography, architecture, 3D design, sewing, and the like. It looks good, since I don't have big blocks of text blotting up the page (since most of my art is indeed written).

Now that I'm thinking it, I probably will attack the chicken snippet and backdate it so it looks like I was actually on the ball (and include a footnote for the few who actually read footnotes admitting that, while I came up with the critique as I read the article, I didn't actually write it until a couple of weeks had passed).

Now, since this page is going to be fueled by idiotic news, there's probably not going to be any regular schedule, so I highly recommend you subscribe to the RSS feed or the Twitter page, so you get updated when they do get released instead of stopping by periodically, find nothing you haven't already read, get frustrated that the news has been educated and reasonable as of late, and not come back. At least until some people get it into their heads that they should send me articles they think are applicable.

I should probably set up an email address for that, just in case, and get working on the Twitter account and such (since as of writing this, it isn't set up or even registered yet). I'll stop twattering on and get back to work.

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