Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sexuality: You Can't Have It Both Ways

Within the article that served as the subject of my last post was the link to another article by HuffPost from last year. In the article, President Obama states that there will be no "special laws" for individuals ostracized from their families for "coming out" in terms of their sexuality.

There better not be!

You want equality, then you get equality! If there are no laws providing special benefits to any other demographic, including heterosexuals, then there better not be any for non-heterosexuals. If there are special laws, then they're not equal, they're special.

And as I said last time: if you haven't figured out what your family's response is going to be after all your years of living with and being raised by them, then you wholly deserve whatever misfortune befalls you simply for your lack of paying attention!

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