Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tech: Apple and Indestructable In The Same Sentence

According to The Huffington Post, Apple has applied for a patent for a process of making a nigh-indestructible glass case around a device such as a cell phone, and this may very well indicate that there next iPhone (logically dubbed the 6) will be made out of it.

I rather doubt it. For one, "nigh indestructible" (my phrase, not theirs) screen materials have been around for ages. While admittedly making the entire bloody case out of it may be something new, the concept already exists, the product for the screens already exists, and yet they still don't use them to make screens for cell phones.

Am I the only one here who has read Cory Doctorow's "Makers"?

They don't make them because if no one breaks the screen, first, people will have less need to buy a new one once their first one stops being transparent and starts being opaque (and opaque screens ruin the point). Without broaching the subject of Apple products costing more than their competitors simply for the name alone (oops), and without including the consumer-driven mindset of people who always have to have the latest thing, even if their current version still works just fine, without either of those two, the digital media player (including smartphones) market is maintained by people who broke the old one (though arguably driven by the other two groups I previously excluded).

Also, the phone-case and screen-protector industries are, I imagine, very lucrative, and would be rather put out if someone put a device on the market that simply didn't need either.

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