Thursday, February 19, 2015

Celebrity: More Crass Than Madonna

We talked about Madonna a few days ago, in reference to Fifty Shades of Grey. Now we have another celebrity who's taken it a step further.

Instead of insisting her opinion is more important than forming your own, Lolo Jones is trying to suggest that her God is the only one that matters, that S/He has spoken to Ms. Jones, and the message is that God doesn't approve of FSG.

Not only does Ms Jones think her opinion is more important than anybody else's, she's also claiming to be God's spokesperson.

I repeat again what I said last time: She's welcome to express her opinion, but by no reason should you allow that to (a) decide whether or not you should see the movie, and (b) how you feel about it. 

Even if you happen to believe in the same God as Lolo Jones, that doesn't mean she's God's heavenly appointed spokesperson.

God could not be reached for a statement regarding his new appointment, or Hers/His stance on nude modeling for ESPN.

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