Friday, February 20, 2015

Education: Lawmakers Embarrassed By Bad History Make More

An Oklahoma lawmaker is pushing to stop Advanced Placement History classes because, as he says, "[the class focuses on] what is bad about America."

Rep. Dan Fisher (R) doesn't seem to understand that he's making history of his own, and is a blemish in and of himself. We can only hope he lives long enough to petition his own ignorant actions be struck from the record.

House Bill 1380, which can be found in full text here on, is designed to limit what can be taught in the AP courses to Fisher's propaganda-like beliefs, or remove them altogether.

AP History is not a course required for high school graduation, nor is it offered in all schools across the state; it is an optional advanced (thus the "A" in AP) course intended to provide high school students the opportunity to earn early college credit and participate in a higher standard of learning.

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