Thursday, February 26, 2015

Entertainment: Grey Can Be A Good Thing

"[T]here is a gray area of ‘fan fiction’ where tributes are made by fans and the studios don’t want to piss off their base by going after these people legally," said an unidentified entertainment copyright attorney according to He's referring to the new short video tribute "Power/Rangers" produced and written by Joseph Kahn and associates.

The short was posted freely on Vimeo and YouTube, where it quickly went viral. If nothing else, the furor over the rights to fan-base members to produce and publish media (for free or not) helps drive traffic to both the short, independent film and the feature-length studio-produced releases.

Whether the result of the suit against Kahn goes well or not for him, it's safe to say that the video quality isn't subpar. If anything, the choreography may even be a step above classic Power Rangers fight scenes. That makes it more than just a tribute: it helps to drive interest into the story and the world it creates.

Great and marketable things can come out of the artistic visions of one's fan base. It's nearly common knowledge that Fifty Shades of Grey started as a Twilight fan-fiction, and significant parallels can be drawn between the two.

I can confidently tell you there's at least one person who would normally skip over any media bearing the franchise name who not only watched it, but actually enjoyed it.

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