Monday, February 16, 2015

Health: No One Size Fits All For Depression

Charlotte Reed's claim that social media helped her fight depression is a vicious contradiction to many studies that show that social media can actually worsen your depression. She posted daily positive messages reaffirming good health, optimism, and a good attitude.

She's using social media wrong. It's not intended as a soapbox, but as a place to connect with people (thus the "social" part of social media). Writing a daily positive quip and trying to live that through the day is a standard Cognitive Behavioral Therapy practice, but shoving the propaganda on your network is just selfish, regardless how much they want you to get better too.

She's collected her two-cent clich├ęs into a book entitled "May The Thoughts Be With You: Ideas and Wisdom To Inspire Your Days," a self-help-esk book deserving of the 2011 rash of critiques that self-help books hurt more than heal.1, 2

You'll have to dig through the links to purchase a copy of the drivel for yourself, I won't post it here.

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