Thursday, February 26, 2015

Health: PETA Playing Favorites

The American organization known best for its radical advertising and anti-animal cruelty campaigns (and also for its euthansia policy and support of kill-shelters), PETA, is using the most recent Animal Wellness Assurance report to attack the scientific research industry.

The numbers alone in the report shows an increase in the number of animals used in scientific studies and trials, for the sum of all species as well as for each species alone (except for cats).

The attack wholly subsists on the argument that "like dogs, cats and primates — animals such as mice, rats and fish experience pain, stress and distress, and suffer in laboratories and have complex social, emotional and cognitive lives," according to PETA's Dr Alka Chandra.

I'm not disagreeing with the scientific evidence that shows that animals are just as capable of feeling pain as humans (technically, we're just another species of mammal ourselves), but while PETA may disagree with the use of animals, they still are quite happy to benefit from the results.

Except during times of excessive oppression (like the Holocaust), most medical research uses extensive testing to verify their drugs and tools do what they say they do, and this requires test subjects. PETA members are happy to take advantage of the results of these drug trials, which include both human and animal vaccines.

Until PETA starts taking a Christian Scientist- or Jehova's Witness-like stance on the use of such advances (essentially, declining them), they will be guilty of hypocrisy on a grand scale.

Besides which, there have been recent studies that suggest plants too are capable of feeling pain, but I don't see any over-funded organization, PETA or otherwise, stepping forward to defend them.

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