Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tech: New TLD Might Not Be For The Better

Betanews issued a statement last week that the new top-level domain (TLD) dot-LGBT is "a step closer" to equality.

No it isn't. It's actually a step closer to reverse discrimination, since there's no proposed release of an exclusively-heterosexual TLD. While admittedly, there are a host (pun intended) of other TLDs that LGBT-critical organizations and private citizens can use, suggesting that an exclusive domain name for non-hetero webpages helps the inequality problem is a mistake; it may be a minor one, but it's still a mistake.

In addition, unlike the dot-BIZ TLD, there doesn't appear to be any legislation regulating the use and ownership of dot-LGBT domains. In other words, there's nothing stopping website that advocate hate crimes and discrimination against members of the LGBT community from buying a domain under the dot-LGBT umbrella.

If there is and I'm just missing it, (1) please let me know, and (2) that only makes my claim of the TLD promoting reverse discrimination stronger.

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