Thursday, February 26, 2015

Weather: One Born Every Minute

Boston, Mass is seeing record snowfalls this year. That's hardly news unless you're in the area or doing business with the area. And due to the snowfall, there's significantly more in the latter category than usual.

The problem with snow clearing is finding somewhere to put it or get rid of it, and melting it down can be an expensive process, even though it would reduce the volume of space it occupies by about one-twelfth.

A local has come up with an entrepreneurial idea: he's selling it.

ShipSnowYo will send you 16.9 oz of "snow" in a standard size water bottle for twenty bucks, with no promise that will still be snow when it gets to you. Because the "product" is classified as a joke or gag gift, Kyle Waring bypasses any quality control or FDA standards when shipping his product. Nonetheless, customer responses are popping up on Twitter and other social media regarding ingesting the liquid.

Whether this ingestion is true and honest, or another joke on par with Amazon's depleted uranium reviews is hard to say, but if you're gullible enough to buy snow from Mr Waring, you might just be gullible enough to think it's just as pure as tap water.

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