Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Health: "Just Because They Pay Me Doesn't Make Me Biased"

A neurosurgeon who earns a paycheck and plenty of limelight from the NFL is claiming that "it’s much more dangerous riding a bike or a skateboard than playing youth football," according to NY Daily News.

Youth football is only differentiated from the bigger leagues by the size and age of the players, so I rather doubt his claim is based on real data.

"It's being overexaggerated and being extrapolated to youth football and to high school football," says Dr. Joseph Maroon, "more injuries [happen] to kids falling off bikes, scooters, [and] falling in playgrounds than there are in youth football.”

Gross injuries, sure, that I'm willing to accept, but not per-capita. There are just more kids using bicycles, scooters, and playgrounds than playing youth football. There's also a gaping disparity in the severity of injuries that can result from the two classes of activity.

A frequent bicyclist myself, I'm no stranger to scraping off a couple layers of skin, but it takes more than a little loss of traction and balance to come close to the kind of injuries caused on a football field on as regular of a basis.

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