Friday, March 6, 2015

Politics: Federal Employees Ignore A Better Solution

Kansas and Nebraska law-enforcement agencies are suing the state government of Colorado over the the increase of drug-possession violations in their districts.

"What we're being forced to do ... makes me ineligible for office. Which constitution are we supposed to uphold?" says Sher. Justin Smith, leading the suit.

He's one of a few seeking to reverse Colorado's recent legislation on possession and use laws of Colorado, shutting down the now-legal industry that does its part to pay taxes and contribute the government funding.

There's a better way.

Instead of turning all those customers, employees and business back into criminals, he should be campaigning to extend the legalization of marijuana. I agree that arresting those who cross state lines in possession of the drug is a waste of taxpayer money, but the solution isn't to make them criminals; it's to leave them as law-abiding citizens, regardless where in the US they travel.

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