Friday, March 20, 2015

Science: Climate Change Dissenters Take A Smaller View

The NOAA announced this past week that this past winter was the warmest on record, according to USA Today, but if you live on the East coast of the US, you probably think it's hogwash.

The reason for that is the record snowfall, but snowfall has a rather complex relationship with temperature, one that I'm not really qualified to try explaining. However, I can say this: just because there was more snow than usual doesn't mean that the winter was colder.

NOAA's ruling was based on cold data (pun intended) over the entire northern hemisphere, not strictly limited to the East coast, and not taking into account how cold, long, or rough the winter felt to those who suffered through it.

Still having trouble coming to terms with the difference? The folks over at MinuteEarth can probably explain it better.

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