Friday, April 10, 2015

Sexuality: NFL Player Self-Contradicts His Own Cowardice

Michael Sam is out about is sexuality. Not just to his close friends or family, but to his employers, fans, and the world as a whole.

An anonymous player is calling out as offended by being called "less courageous" by not being "as out" as Mr. Sam. Said player "says he's open about his sexuality with close friends," according to TMZ.

Do you hear that? Anonymous. He's fearful of naming himself, which is classic cowardice. If he really wanted to make a case about it, he would allow his name to be released.

I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with not being out and open about your sexuality (though admittedly, the longer you put it off, the more you look like a bandwagon-jumper). For some people, it's unsafe to be out, and I recognize that.

I myself have been out for years.

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